Project Scope:

BSA Adopt-a-School is a project designed to begin to proactively address our Community/School Relationships. Often we are made aware of Councils and Districts with significant access issues related to promoting and recruiting youth from within specific school systems. When the proverbial doors are closed, we accept it and try to figure out additional means for youth recruitment, often at considerable expense to the local council.

BSA Adopt-a-School is a process by which we can begin to address the breakdown in relationship between Scouting and the respective school systems we serve. This process is where true community development work can begin. It truly is a win/win situation for both Scouting and our schools.

Council and District Commitment:

  • Promote and encourage units to begin adopting schools and submitting their commitment forms
  • Units should target all schools to build a stronger relationships. Remember, it is not essential that the school desire or initially
    acknowledge that it is in fact adopted.
  • Council and District Membership Chair recruits a volunteer to handle/promote BSA Adopt-a-School Program
  • Secure commitments from schools per District to be adopted
  • Assist us in gathering success stories we can use to create marketing materials for this project

For more information contact:
Kim Garrett –

10 comments on “Council

  1. Our school and pack have been registered for several months, when can we expect our patches? We are with Pack 242 in the Aquia District of the National Capital Area Council."
    • Hi Pack 242,
      Can you let me know if you have recieved your patches? I show they were mailed out on August 29. Thank you.
  2. If the boys in our pack attend and meet at multiple schools within our school district, can we adopt both? If so, is that mean a minimum of 8 service projects need to be done–4 for each school per year???"
    • Hi Kelly,
      Great question. The answer is no. You will just need to do four total service projects between the mulitiple schools.
      If you have any more questions, please let me know. I can’t wait to hear what projects your pack comes up with.

  3. Does our Council have to approve the start up of this within our area? Or is this a national process where we just jump right in?"
    • Hi,
      Your council does not have to approve this. You are more than welcome to jump right in, especially if you have a working relationship with the school(s) in your area. If you have any more questions, please reach out to me,
  4. Kim -

    I gave a hard copy of our pledge form to our District Executive. She input the information on-line and said I should receive an e-mail shortly from adopt-a-school. That was on 9/20/12 and I still have not heard anything. Can you confirm you received a pledge form for Pack 194 from NEIC. Also, when can i expect to receive the “main” BSA Adopt-a-School patches and “rockers” for our projects? I just added the projects to the blog today.

    Thank you"
    • Hi,
      I did receive your pledge form and mailed out the patches for your unit on Friday. I am so sorry for the delay. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

  5. WHo gets with the school? Me or this program? I need to get our Unit ID Number and then sign in when when we do a project; right? Wondering how exactly this process works. I filed out the Pledge form but did not know our principal’s email address. So, not too sure how that is gonna work. I can not find a copy of hat pledge form that I filled out. Does that matter?"
    • Hi Terry, these are some great questions. You are responsible for meeting with the school principal to set up the service projects your school needs. After your project is done, just blog on this site about your project. I will use the information you blog to know when to send your rockers to you. We are working on getting this information pulled from Journey To Excellence, but that is in the works. I will forward the email I received of your pledge to you so you can have it for your records. I don’t see where the principal’s email address is required so I think you can call them direct. If you have any more questions, please let me know,


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