Troop 375 Introduces Captain Healthy Heart

January 31st, 2013. Brockport, NY.

Troop 375 of Brockport, NY helped Barclay School prepare for Heart Health Month. The school’s Principal, Rhonda Steffen, asked that our Scouts create a fun bulletin board for the second- and third-graders to promote awareness of heart heath. After a brainstorming session, the Scouts came up with Captain Healthy Heart as the central idea for the bulletin board. The Scouts then spent a few more hours planning, designing, and executing the project. They were a great team, and we discovered some hidden talents! The team finished the bulletin board as the Barclay students were leaving for dismissal, and as they passed by, we saw immediate positive reactions to the work — especially Captain Healthy Heart. Great job Troop 375!

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