Cub Scout Pack 97 Helps to Start off the School Year

Sidney, Ohio, August 17, 2014 – Cub Scout Pack 97, chartered by Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ at 707 North Ohio Avenue here in Sidney, recently completed their third of four annual service projects for Northwood Elementary School here in Sidney.


Pack 97 and Northwood Elementary School have agreed to partner together to allow the Scouts to provide service to the school through the BSA Adopt-a-School program.  The BSA Adopt-a-School program connects Scouts with a school in their community, offering volunteer services that meet the school’s needs.  The hope at the heart of Adopt-a-School is to build strong, sustaining relationships with these schools, creating thousands of lasting community partnerships across the U.S.


Ten youth and adult members of Pack 97 came together to clean up Northwood’s Hero Garden just before school started for the year.  The Hero Garden is a place which provides an outdoor learning space for teachers and students for individual or small group work.  The scouts pulled weeds, cleaned up dirt, dust and trash that had accumulated over the summer, mulched the planting beds and planted new flowers to help welcome parents, students and teachers to the Hero Garden on the first day of school.

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Cub Scout Pack 102, Cheyenne, WY Project #4 – Shrub trimming

We had over 60 people (scouts and their families) trimming the school’s juniper bushes and picking up trash around the school grounds, preparing for the first day of school.  After our project, we gathered for a picnic where we took the ALS ice bucket challenge and raced our raingutter regatta boats!

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Cub Scout Pack 102, Cheyenne, WY Project #3 – School Flag Lowering

At the end of the last school our cub scouts helped the school custodian with the flag lowering each Friday afternoon.  He is a Veteran and the boys are honored to take part.  With the new school year starting tomorrow, they’re exciting to start helping again!

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Just Joined

We just joined the BSAdopt a School program I have a question, our pack pulls students from two local schools so we plan to have a group from each school adopt the school and perform a 4 service projects this year. We have done one service project at Alexander Wilson on July 31 where we picked up trash and limbs from a storm. We collected seven bags of trash and a trailer load of limbs. We are in the process of setting our next clean up date at both schools for September 13, 2014 for the national community service day. Will the July date count for one service project? How do we add the second school to our profile?

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Pack 222, Cross Lanes WV – Trash Collection

10 Cub Scouts and their families came out to help collect trash from the playground and playing fields today, in preparation for school to start the new year tomorrow.  The area is used frequently by the community, especially over the summer but trash is always a huge problem. The boys were able to fill 3x 55 gallon trash bags in an hour today.  They were excited to be serving their own school, and they broke up into groups to compete in a trash treasure hunt to make it more challenging!  After the cleanup, they sat and worked on their Leave No Trace awards too.  

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Pack 222 Cross Lanes WV Renovates School Frontage

Cub Scout Pack 222 started their first service project for Point Harmony Elementary in Cross Lanes today, to help prepare the school to welcome students for the first day of classes on Monday.  The Principal was delighted that we asked to adopt the school, and asked that we beautified several areas that had fallen into disrepair in front of the school. We worked for about 5 hours on the first phase today.

First we were asked to renovate the raised bed under the school sign which had been neglected. We removed a bed of weeds and grass, laid weed control ground cloth, and spread 4 bags of mulch to cover the area.  At a later date we will paint the landscape timbers.  A second area around a group of trees was also weeded, treated and 23 bags of mulch spread around, and the edging blocks removed, cleaned and reset as they had been knocked down. Lastly, we stained a picnic bench on the playground that had graffiti all over it.

The result was quite a transformation making the front of the school more inviting.  Tomorrow we plan to complete phase two; playground cleaning and picking up the ton of trash on the playground and playing fields.

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Troop 388 Stratford

Earlier this year, Troop 388 out of Stratford, Wisconsin helped to clean-up and re-landscape the outside of both the Stratford Elementary and High School.  Around the high school, the boys shoveled and hauled stone to put around entries and plants along perimeter of building, along with removing debris and dead plants.  The Elementary got a new load of woods chips to go around bushes, trees, and the playground.  In all, we had 9 scouts and 5 adults help out.  We are planning on building a lattice wall to hide some outside piping in the next few weeks.

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Pack 633 helps keep St. Clair Elementary football field clean.

Part of our summer program is service projects for our school.  8 Scouts, siblings and moms spent a morning picking up litter at our football field and for some EXTRA motivation, the boys were promised a water balloon battle when they were all done and then we all went to the school for the lunch program.

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Pack 117 helps keep their school clean

It wouldn’t be summer without our outdoor Pack program!  Every year we get outdoors and spend the summer fishing and having fun in the sun.  Part of our summer program is monthly service projects.  In June, we spent an evening picking up litter at our elementary school.  Nothing gets their feet moving like some school pride!  And nothing says motivation like the promise of time on the playground.

Pack 117 at Holly Hills School

Pack 117 at Holly Hills School

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Cub Scout Pack 199 from Cascade Pacific Council paints dots for a good cause

Pack 199 helped their school today by repainting the safe route to school dots. These dots help the kids who live too close to the school and don’t have bus service know which way is a safe route to school. We had a great crew and finished the whole task an hour early!

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